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Ray Gastil, AICP LEED AP ND, is a city planner, educator, and author with more than two decades of experience in innovative urban design and development. His work focuses on planning and urban design for urban campuses, waterfronts in transition, mixed-use development, and district revitalization.

He founded Gastilworks Planning & Design to connect ambitious programs and design concepts to the challenge of building projects and places that are grounded in their communities. The approach is informed by Gastil’s previous positions including Manhattan Office director for New York City Planning, city planning director for Seattle, founding director of Van Alen Institute, and Transit-Oriented Design director for Regional Plan Association.

His expertise includes both project-based and comprehensive city and regional planning, with a focus on planning and urban design guidelines and incentive frameworks for campuses, mixed-use districts, arts districts, and waterfront redevelopment. Working with teams of built environment professionals, he has led initiatives from outreach and concept development through community and commission review. His work in non-profit and government leadership has included strategic planner, division and project manager, and design competition manager, including public, private and civic sectors.

Gastil’s role in education includes recent visiting professorships at UC Berkeley and Penn State, as well as speaking, writing, and research in academic and professional forums.

Gastil is author of Beyond the Edge: New York’s New Waterfront and principal author of Success Looks Different Now: Design and Cultural Vitality in Lower Manhattan.