Gastilworks is headed by Ray Gastil, a city planner, educator, author, and non-profit leader with more than two decades of experience in innovative urban design, planning, and development. The practice has been founded to focus on contributing to thriving communities and regions, through planning, engagement, and design. The work focuses on the relationship between the public realm of shared resources and their relationship to projects and districts.  Areas of expertise and partnership include planning and urban design for neighborhoods, complete streets and urban mobility, campuses, waterfronts in transition, mixed-use developments, and district revitalization, as well as strategic planning for civic organizations.

Gastil contributed the essay “Complexity and Continuity in the Transformation of Pittsburgh’s Rivers and Riverfronts,” in River Cities, City Rivers and is author of Beyond the Edge: New York’s New Waterfront and principal author of Success Looks Different Now: Design and Cultural Vitality in Lower Manhattan.